Welcome to the Aikido London Dojo

Our mission is to provide London and area with unparalleled instruction in the Martial Art of Yoshinkan Aikido by:

  1. Observing and promoting the ideals and traditions of Yoshinkan Aikido as laid out by the Aikido Yoshinkan Foundation and the YoSeiKan group of schools under the direction of Amos Lee Parker Sensei, 8th dan
  2. Providing a safe and relaxed atmosphere for new and experienced students to learn and grow
  3. Teaching a solid foundation of Kihon Dosa (Basic Movements) and Kihon Waza (Basic Techniques) which serve as the foundation for the students’ continued growth and learning at much higher levels
  4. Providing our students with direct access to the top Yoshinkan instruction in the world
  5. Fostering an open-minded environment and offering a variety of programs to broaden the student's understanding of Martial Arts in general
  6. Classes at Aikido London are conducted in a friendly yet traditional atmosphere. Students learn correct etiquette in conjunction with their physical training.